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       Etheridge Custom Homes is a Class A licensed contractor specializing in custom residential construction.  We build mostly in the Suffolk, Chesapeake, Isle of Wight County, Smithfield, Windsor and Southampton County areas in Virginia.  We are also licensed in North Carolina and build in the northeastern part of North Carolina.  To assure we provide the best possible building experience, we only build a maximum of 6-8 homes per year.  Each home is personally handled from conception to completion by me, Willie Etheridge, Jr. and my wife Margaret Etheridge.  We do not have a foreman or others between ourselves and the client.

My construction career began in the mid 1970’s working part time while still in school.  I worked for a large commercial heating and air conditioning contractor and worked my way from clean up guy to jobsite helper to mechanic to foreman and in the early 1980’s moved into the office as an estimator/project manager.  During my time at that company, I handled mostly large commercial projects ranging into the millions of dollars and gained a great amount of experience in estimating, planning, design and many other aspects of the construction industry in general.

During my time at that company, I built my first home for myself and realized that my true passion was building custom residential homes.  In 1986, I left my previous employer and started a commercial heating and air conditioning company and continued on with the same type of projects handled at my previous employer.  We grew to almost 100 employees and as time passed, I realized I still enjoyed building custom residential homes.  In 1988, I built my second home that we lived in until 2004.  In 1997, we designed and built a vacation home in Lake Gaston, NC.  It was at that time that I decided to focus on custom homebuilding and shortly thereafter, sold my commercial heating and air conditioning company to my Vice President and began building custom homes on a full time basis.

Since that time we have built mainly custom residential homes ranging from 1600 square feet to as much as 5000 square feet.  We have never built the same home twice and pride ourselves on providing our customers with the home that they desire.  It is our belief that we are a true Custom Homebuilder and separate ourselves from the rest by providing personal attention to the client’s needs and desires and letting the client decide all aspects of the home to assure they end up with the home they want.

We would welcome an opportunity to talk to you about your homebuilding needs and assure you we will strive to give you a most pleasant experience.  Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will contact us for your building needs.

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